The Center Lovell Inn, Essay Contest Story

The story behind the Center Lovell Inn Essay Contest.

This is a wonderful entertaining read about passion, hospitality and commitment.  The true story of Bil and Susie Mosca, and the inspiring story behind the first Center Lovell Inn Essay contest. This is a contemporary version of the Bob Newhart show. It chronicles the couple’s epic journey, that began when they first blessed eyes on a 1805 farm house in YANKEE magazine back in the mid 1980s. The Mosca’s are married only ten months when they buy this 1805 mansard roof mansion on an impulse, after being fed-up of the high crime and struggle of big city living.  They build successful business from scratch — on a shoe-string budged — in a remote village on the edge of the White Mountains.

“Passing Along Our Dream” is the story that spans twenty years at the Inn to giving away their world renown Inn.  The search to find new Innkeepers, to love and cherish their “baby” culminates by conceiving of a unique essay contest.  Included are many enjoyable essays from the contests, They range from humorous, wacky, gloomy, witty,  silly, to passionate.  Also inserted is the winning entry from Janice Sage, (the second innkeeper), that profess her dream and how fate stepped in and brought her to Maine.

In 2015, Janice Sage hosted a similar essay contest, awarding the Inn to the Adams family on June 6, 2015, featured in the Boston Globe.

This story of passion, hospitality and commitment lives on at the Center Lovell Inn.  Purchase your copy online or get a signed copy at the Center Lovell Inn or online from the link below.

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