Green Lodging in Maine, Eco-friendly tips


Going green away from home.

Green lodging in Maine. Our Eco-Friendly practices has earn us a  ‘Green Leaders’ recognition form TripAdvisor.

The hotel and food service industries are ranked as  the largest energy consumers in the US and as a result are  burdened by correspondingly high energy costs.  These high operating costs result in increased greenhouse gas emissions and higher lodging prices.  However, these costs can be controlled more efficiently than any other operating costs.

A recent survey conducted by STUDYOLOGIC for Starwood Hotels & Resorts revealed that 70% of guests neglect  their “green routine” when they are not at home. The data confirmed that although 70% of guests save water at home, only 18% of them do so in a hotel. The survey results also showed that as many as 63% of people simply say that they rather leave the light on when leaving the room, and 70% of guest open a new mini-bottle of shampoo and conditioner for every shower.

At the Center Lovell Inn in Maine we believe in the virtues of  green lodging and good Environmental Stewardship practices. We have taken the initiative to show that our sustainability  values are consistent with our guests’ values and encourage everyone to join us in our conservation efforts.

We’ve implemented sustainable practices such as green lodging and purchasing locally produced goods  because we love mother earth as much as you do.

Our Eco-Friendly practices has earn us a  ‘Green Leaders’ recognition form TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor GreenLeaders

Our green initiatives include:

  • LED energy efficient lighting in 95% of light fixtures.
  • Waste minimization and recycling program.
  • Purchasing sustainable products and energy efficient appliances.
  • Non-smoking environment.
  • Installation of low flow faucets.
  • The use of biodegradable products and green cleaners.
  • Naturally filtered drinking water in all guest rooms.
  • Paperless invoice.
  • Implemented a voluntary towel and sheet re-use program (change linens every three days unless otherwise requested by guests).

We’re just getting started with more green solutions to come. Suggestions are appreciated at:

Go green this trip by following these tips

  • Close window shade in summer and leave open in winter to help maintain comfortable room temperature.
  • Turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Showering rather than bathing.
  • Turning the water off while lathering.
  • Be sure faucets are turned completely off.
  • Report leaky faucet or toilets.
  • Participate in our reuse towel program.
  • Turn off light when not in room.

Please decide for yourself.

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